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Zoho's online office suite


Zoho is an online office suite of Indian design.

The Zoho suite is well developed, there is a word processing, spreadsheet and presentation application. But it doesn’t stop there, Zoho also offers a customer relationship management application, another for billing and accounting, and another for managing email campaigns, everywhere and everywhere, there are more about thirty cloud applications. While some popular leaders in the industry sunbathe, Zoho has worked hard to produce robust, intuitive, and easy-to-use apps that overshadow them today.

Better manage their business processes


Whether on the road or in the office, customers use Zoho to better manage their business processes and data without worrying about keeping expensive software or outdated hardware servers running.

The online applications offered to date are numerous – from CRM to messaging, going through Office, project management, invoicing, or web conferencing, Zoho has at least one cloud application (online) that will interest if it is not the whole.

More than 30 million subscribers worldwide.


It should be noted that Zoho has received numerous awards, including the InfoWorld “Product of the Year” award in 2009, the “25 Most Innovative Products of 2009” award by PC World, and an award for the best “start-up” company of 2007 offered by TechCrunch.

Zoho Corporation is a private and profitable company with offices in San Francisco, Austin, Chennai, Yokohama and Beijing. Zoho Corporation serves the technology needs of more than 30 million subscribers worldwide.

Zoho has made a place for itself in the "Magic Quadrant"


I invite you to read an article on the online suite of Zoho office products brilliantly written by Christine Vaufrey B of Thot Cursus. The article is already several years old but still reflects the essence of this rising star in the world of cloud applications as well. Since the publication of this article, Zoho has made a place for itself in the “Magic Quadrant” of the prestigious American consulting research company, Gartner Group.


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